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We’re a brand with people at our core.

Fundamentally, we believe if you develop products that are based on science, that really work and deliver tangible benefits people can see with their own eyes, you can build something unique. For us this isn’t risky, because we know EI8HT works and we’re confident when you use it, you’ll see and feel the difference it makes.

We want your journey to be part of ours. By using EI8HT, whether it’s the Travel product or its Active sister product, you become part of our story. Our technology is there to serve you and to enable you to do more and feel better – we want to know how it’s helping you get more out of yourself.

Share your story with us #EI8HTenabled and tell us how EI8HT: Energy helped you do more, beat your PB or go further and faster and how EI8HT: Travel changed your long haul experience or even if it prevented you from arguing with your partner or friend after hours in a confined space!