Approaching a seemingly impossible challenge and making it possible.

Patented across several continents.

Delivering a new benefit, in a totally different way, using new technology.

We’ve had it independently tested at a university by full time academic staff.

Engineered at Oxford University by an AF Harvey Prize winning Professor of Engineering Science.

Developed by Scientists

Human-centric Innovation

We’re not your average tech company. We’re a bit quirky and we don’t make software. Put simply, Avrox Technologies is a UK based research & manufacturing company, focused on human-centric innovation.

Our mission is to help people live healthier, more active lives.

Research Led Product

Today consumers face so much choice and so many conflicting messages that they are becoming confused and distrusting. In a retail environment where most products are described as ‘innovative’, are awash with claims and use celebrities to bolster their appeal, it’s easy to become cynical. Our products are created through imagination, but led by research.

Results You

We put our mission into practice by coming up with disruptive ideas and developing evidence-based products that really work and that deliver quantifiable, proven benefits in human performance, health and wellbeing.Our vision is to cut through the noise of sensational marketing with one simple message – we create functional products that really work.

In Partnership with Oxford University