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We’re not your average tech company. We’re a bit quirky and we don’t make software. Put simply, Avrox Technologies is a UK based research & manufacturing company, focused on human-centric innovation. Our mission is to help people live healthier, more active lives. We put that into practice by coming up with disruptive ideas and developing evidence-based products that really work, and deliver quantifiable and proven benefits in human performance, health & well-being.

Today, consumers face so much choice and so many conflicting messages that they are becoming confused and distrusting. In a retail environment where most products are described as ‘innovative’, are awash with claims and use celebrities to bolster their appeal, it’s easy to become cynical.

Our vision is to cut through the noise of sensational marketing with one simple message – we create functional products that are proven to work. To help with this, we’ve included our own dictionary below to help you understand what we mean and to help differentiate us:

What we’re looking for

Our target customers are health conscious, care about what they eat and drink and take part in regular exercise. Most...
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Evidence Not Claims

In 1989 the Tour de France was won by eight seconds. Separating ourselves from other brands by demonstrating that our...
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Stuff of the professionals

Avrox is a proud sponsor of the UCI Downhill Pivot Factory Racing team. Bernard Kerr and his team are using...
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