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Add EI8HT to Water

Tear the top of the sachet completely and pour EI8HT into a bottle containing around 200ml of plain water.

Ensure the bottle has a headspace, roughly 1/3 of the bottle volume. The friction between the formula and the water in this headspace enables the micro-bubbles to be activated.


Shake to activate

Replace the bottle cap and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to activate and create the micro-bubbles.

Drink within 15 minutes.



When activated EI8HT creates trillions of mi-cellar nano-structures into which oxygen can dissolve.
These structures are strong and stable enough to pass across the stomach wall and go straight into the bloodstream. This creates an effect similar to an increase in the number of red blood cells, but without the associated health risks due to blood viscosity. This provides measurable physiological and health benefits.

Performance and wellness drinks contain a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and sugar.

Not this one. We have re-imagined functional beverages and focused on something totally unique – an oxygen delivery technology. Remember waiting for hours for the benefits of your functional drink to kick in? Forget it. We’ve developed a game-changing product that means you’ll see real benefits in minutes, not hours. Real as in we’ve had them independently tested by a university, not in a back office by an intern.

Looking to extend a workout, beat your PB, go for a longer hike or focus more?

EI8HT upgrades your water into something more.

Our core aim was this: to enhance oxygen levels in the body, through a consumer drink.

Water doesn’t naturally hold additional oxygen, so creating a product that enabled it to do that posed a unique research challenge. Avrox took this challenge to researchers at Oxford University and spent five years formulating a product that used natural ingredients and that would be capable of capturing, holding and transporting oxygen when added to water.​

Performance you can trust? No. Performance you can measure.

EI8HT uses ingredients commonly found in many food and drink products.T

There's NO sugar and NO artificial colours, nor any novel or engineered materials. Our research focused on how to exploit the properties of natural ingredients in specific quantities, in a specific way in order to create the structures that could help the body transport oxygen.

“I experienced a notable improvement in performance – sustained energy and delayed fatigue”

Triathlete & Coach

“It’s incredibly exciting to see research undertaken at Oxford transformed into a commercial product that can help so many people”


Oxford University
“In a world where a few seconds makes all the difference, a 30 second lead is both surprising and significant…”


Surrey University