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Eight by Avrox Sachet
Eight by Avrox Sachet
Meet your new exercise partner

Meet your new exercise partner

Performance and wellness drinks contain a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and sugar.

Not this one. We have re-imagined functional beverages and focused on something totally unique – an oxygen delivery technology. Remember waiting for hours for the benefits of your functional drink to kick in? Forget it. We’ve developed a game-changing product that means you’ll see real benefits in minutes, not hours. Real as in we’ve had them independently tested by a university, not in a back office by an intern.

Shake to Activate

  1. Pour into bottle


    Add EI8HT to Water

    Tear the top of the sachet completely and pour EI8HT into a bottle containing around 200ml of plain water.

    Ensure the bottle has a headspace, roughly 1/3 of the bottle volume. The friction between the formula and the water in this headspace enables the micro-bubbles to be activated.

  2. Shake bottle to activate


    Shake to activate

    Replace the bottle cap and shake vigorously for 30 seconds to activate and create the micro-bubbles.

    Drink within 15 minutes.

Stuff of the professionals
Stuff of the professionals

Why use EI8HT: Energy?

Stuff of the professionals

Avrox is a proud sponsor of the UCI Downhill Pivot Factory Racing team. Bernard Kerr and his team are using EI8HT: Energy to train, race and keep on top form. Our ‘Do more, be more’ philosophy applies as much to pros like Kerr as it does to the once-a-week gym-goer. EI8HT: Energy is a product for people that want more out of themselves, whatever they’re doing.

Evidence Not Claims
Evidence Not Claims

It's a Fact

Evidence Not Claims

In 1989 the Tour de France was won by eight seconds.

Separating ourselves from other brands by demonstrating that our product really works is important to us. We commissioned an independent test at Surrey University’s Human Performance Institute, which found EI8HT: ENERGY, enhanced with additional oxygen, gave a huge 37 second time improvement for athletes over a 16km time trial, as well as an increased peak power output of +6.6%. We are currently undertaking additional testing of the product and will publish results here once they are in the public domain.

Say good-bye to the might work, over the next few hours products.

What we're looking for
What we're looking for

Our Target

What we're looking for

Our target customers are health conscious, care about what they eat and drink and take part in regular exercise.

Most will choose plain water as their work out drink – they see it as the natural, sugar-free and more effective alternative to conventional sports drinks.

We are seeking international distributors and retailers that want to offer a disruptive, stand-out product unlike any other.

Developed with Oxford University
Independently Tested Product
Patented Technology
5 Years of Research

It's incredibly exciting to see research undertaken at Oxford transformed into a commercial product that can help so many people

Prof Eleanor Stride
Oxford University

In a world where a few seconds makes all the difference, a 30 second lead is both surprising and significant...

Dr David King
Surrey University

It works. Remarkably well too! We've seen anywhere between a 4% and 10% increase in performance, measuring it using FTP

Mark Dolan
Head Coach, EPIC Cycle Coaching

I experienced a notable improvement in performance - sustained energy and delayed fatigue

Triathlete and Coach

EI8HT enhanced my performance on a bike and in the gym. It tastes great and the compact servings are really easy to use. I love the fact that it's all natural and vegan friendly